Pagoda brand

Pagoda Shaoxing wines is the first set of products to Export. Handmade shaoxing wines occupied the leading place in China since it entered international market in 1958. Also its as china time-honored brand enterprise, which is owns two China Famous Tradem

HD Food

Ningbo HD Food Co., Ltd which is listed as agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise. the company focus on the production and export of canned fruit. the major exports are united states and japan. "xianguobei" canned fruit is listed a

Export Products

The company business scope mainly covering: Shaoxing rice wine, live stock & poultry, cereals & oils, canned goods, meat & poultry, vegetables & fruits, aquatic products, wines & drinks, processed foods, textiles and garments, arts & crafts, light industr

Import Products

The company business scope mainly covering Fast food and produced food,Including alcoholic drinks, dairy products, edible oils, beef and mutton;which are imported to Oceania, North America, Asia, Europe,ect.